Custom Optical Coatings and Thin Film Coatings

CNC Machining, Precision Lapping, Optical Polishing
and Thin Film Coating

Along with 4 Axis CNC micromachining, precision lapping, and optical polishing capabilities, Valley also offers custom thin film coatings for optoelectronics, semiconductors, sensors and medical applications up to 450mm.

Available coatings include:

  • Custom designed optical coatings from 250nm to 15 microns
  • Reflection enhancement coatings
  • Dielectric barrier coatings
  • Insulating dielectric layers on metals
  • Oxide layers
  • Transparent conductive coatings 20 ohms/square to 500 ohms/square
  • Anti reflection (AR) coatings
  • Oxidation prevention coatings
  • Scratch resistant coatings
  • Solid lubrication coatings, various types

Valley Design is a full service optical facility offering the following services:

  • 4 Axis CNC micromachining
  • Ultrasonic rotary drilling
  • Precision lapping of all types of materials
  • Optical polishing
  • Cutting, dicing, chamfering, edge polishing
  • Thin film coating


Come to Valley Design’s world of precision:  CNC Micromachining, Precision Lapping, Optical Polishing, Production Dicing, and Optical Coatings.